Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Mickey Mouse Shorts Artwork!

Promotional art... not sure where this was used...
More promo art!
Third Wheel! A caricature of well you know................ first doodled by Paul Rudish who thought it'd be cute.

Third Wheel



O Futebol Classico
O Futebol Classico

The Adorable Couple... the caricature of me got reused for this episode haha!

The Adorable Couple

The Adorable Couple 

The Adorable Couple

The Adorable Couple

The Adorable Couple

The Adorable Couple

Tapped Out



Tapped Out

Mouth Charts! Beaks are always tricky.

Presentation art I think for Croissant de Tromphe

Monday, January 27, 2014


Art dumples! WOO ART!

Happy 20th Anniversary Scud! My friend Rob Schrab's AWESOME comic!

Also check out my cover I did for Bravest Warriors!

I got into making these girl cards; I was thinking of maybe making an art book with stuff like this:

Mixed with these pretty flowers I took a photo of earlier in the year.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Yoooo! Gabba Gabba! And Rick & Morty!

DJ Lance's Super Music and Toy Room finally aired on Nick Jr. -Myke Chilian and I made a cartoon for it! It must have been back in ol' 2011...
Here is some art from the cartoon!

The cartoon is about birds as sung Erykah Badu!

An early board drawing by Myke Chilian.

Another board panel by Myke.

Figuring out Lance early on, by me.

The colors only came on behind the drums when they were hit- stylistically inspired by Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom.

I did the design and backgrounds where Myke handled the character animation, but we both had a hand with the other's process. TEAMWORK!

There was definitely some 70s Saturday morning cartoon inspiration going on as well.

Now for something completely different...literally!
I got to be the color design supervisor for the pilot episode of Rick & Morty. It was fun and I got to put in a lot of seafoam (Justin Roiland started to notice and took some out). Not pictured is Jessica who has a really cute seafoam headband and matching seafoam socks. Watch it on Adult Swim!!!

Character designs by Myke Chilian...I colored the twins like my friends from high school.


Sort of seafoams happening...

Beautiful seafoam wall...also the dad's color schemes are based off what I recall Clarissa Explains It All's dad would wear.