Monday, April 2, 2007

Are You Longing For Happiness?

Maybe this will help!

Look at that bear!!!!

Look at the Indian holding the girl!!! They're so happy together!

Look at the big ol' king, hahaha!!!

Look at the cute fox, aw!!!


Happy Easter Time!!!

I hope I have satiated everyone's denpendency for happy images today! Does your life feel better now? Well, mine does!!!


diego cumplido said...

I'm not happy... I'm afraid, I'm almost scared to death.

TOO MUCH happiness can be creepy for me.

It reminds me the "Stimpy's Invention" episode...(happy-happy-joy-joy, you know)..

WELL, THANKS FOR YOUR BEEAAAUTIFUL "YAY, LUIS BUNUEL" comment. I felt proud to have a blogger eminence as you commenting on my blog.

I laughed a lot imagining you, a foreign-english-speakin'-girl taking a little walk around my spanish-written posts. THANKS for the effort,...

And yes,.. Luis Buñuel is one of my biggest heroes.. is one of yours as well?...nice!... take care Kali girl.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yes! I love Luis Buñuel!

Tom said...

Really gets me in the mood for spring time and Easter in fact I really should do a spring art thing in my blog. Thanks for reminding me Kali!

Kent B said...

What kind of food is Mrs. Rabbit serving to Fox? Maybe some nice CHICKEN!

I'm glad you're talking about Luis Bunuel - maybe you know the answer to this, it's been bothering me for a long time: In "The Exterminating Angel" why exactly is it that the dinner guests can't leave the room? Is it polite protocol or is there something more sinister? And what are the sheep doing? Is there some kind of Catholic mystical meaning here?

Pat McMicheal said...

That's so cute I want to puke!!!
They really remind of when i was a wee tike in a much simpler time!!!
Kali, Thanks for gathering these nice images for us!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Hi Kent! I haven't seen that movie!!! What have I been waiting for????!!! I'll watch it soon and see watch I can interpret!

Hi Pat! I wish I lived in a simpler time! Lucky!!!!!

Jorge Garrido said...

Better than crack!

Marcelo Souza said...

Kali Fontecchio, I don't know you but I like you already. Beautiful artwork, you can fell it comes from gentle times.