Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Call My Father Papa, Even

My dad likes to do voices, so I recorded him doing a few for the heck of it. Indulge his ego (even bigger than mine) and listen to the clips below. If you think he's any good, comment and I'll tell him personally. Think of this as a sort of Pre-Father's Day tribute kind of thing-a-ma-bob.

His best voice is the one on the bottom, in my opinion.

Amos 'n' Andy


Inspector Cluso

Quickdraw, Baba Looey, and one Boob.



Max Ward said...

Haha, good work Mr. Fontecchio! You're a real talent! Also, you've produced lovely offspring!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Haw Haw! Those are great! Your Dad's Quickdraw and Snagglepuss are terrific! You're lucky to be able to live with those characters!

Craig D said...

Ah, just in time for Fathers Day!

Did he do these voices for you when you were a little girl, too? And if so, did you like them?

The reason I ask is that my 3-1/2 year old daughter only gets teary-eyed and begs, "No, Daddy, no!" whenever I spring a cartoon voice on her.

Either she's freaked-out that these weird voices are coming out of her old man, or they really are that bad!

In any case, thanks for sharing and let your dad know he's the toast of the blogosphere!

Art F. said...

man, Kali. your Dad owns Snagglepuss!

Pat McMicheal said...

Snagglepuss...Pretty damn good! heavens to mergatroid,eevvennn.
I also do many voices but do NOT have the courage to record them...I perform when I'm alone in my car. I must look like an idiot to other drivers! That was a Good Ed Norton too!! Thanks for sharing!

Lester Hunt said...

More evidence that talent is genetic. Darn! Guess I'm just out of luck.

Okapi Figment William said...

A&A: Your Pops accuracy with the story line is pretty much right on the money. As for his voices he’s doing a fantastic imprecision of all the characters. J

Norton: Sounds a lot like Yogi Bear as well as Norton.

The Inspector C: This is great & funny & sounds similar to him.

Qucksdraw: He a sounds a lot like these characters.

Snaggle P: Perfect!

Over all I like his A&A most of all and his Snaggle Puss being my second.

William said...

Your dad is the 51% shareholder on the Snagglepuss market, his Quickdraw is hilarious too! His voice sounds like his face would be hilarious at the same time.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Also, you've produced lovely offspring!"

He's got good sperm.

"You're lucky to be able to live with those characters!"

It's a little annoying after an hour or so.

"Did he do these voices for you when you were a little girl, too? And if so, did you like them?"

I did like them! It was weird because I had no idea where they came from- I never saw any of these cartoons till waaay later.

"Sounds a lot like Yogi Bear as well as Norton."

I tried to get him to do Yogi, but he kept mixing it with other stuff- it helps to hear yourself recorded- he's much better since actually! He hasn't even seen any of these cartoons since childhood I think. I need to get them for him.

"His voice sounds like his face would be hilarious at the same time."

It is. We both make the same ugly faces, I inherited them! ACK!!!!!!

Jim Rockford said...

Amos 'n Andy was a great show!,it had the same writers (connelly and mosher) as "Leave it Beaver"",and of course "The Munsters".
It didnt deserve to be banned and branded as racist the way it was.
Now only those who hunt down the dvds on ebay will ever get to see this great show.
Tim Moore was fantastic as George "Kingfish" Stevens,hell the whole cast was great.
I liked the episode where Kingfish sold Andy a house that was nothing more than a facade used for the filming of a movie! 'ol gullible Brown moved all his belongings out to his new "home" only to find he had been conned once again by the Kingfish! "Ise musta gone through da house to fast 'cause all I see is the back yard!"
The chinchilla epsiode was great too with kingfish suckering in Andy once again,he sold him all his chinches!
One of the best characters on the show was Algonquin J. Calhoon,the shiftiest lawyer in history,but man what a roit to watch!
Too bad the politically correct squad had to "save" us from being exposed to such hilarity.
People can be such knee jerk reactionarys,they dont even think before they label something racist,it needs to be seen against the backdrop of the time it was created,much like Coal Black does.
Amos and Andy didnt make black people look stupid anymore than the Stooges or Laurel and Hardy or Abbot and Costello made white guys look like blithering idiots.
In this supposedly enlightened age where hollywood churns out comedys with stereotypes all the time,people should really realize this!

Jim Rockford said...

Hey does anybody out there remember the short lived cartoon series "Calvin and the Colonel" that was a cartoon version of amos and andy?

Lester Hunt said...

When I watched Amos 'n' Andy as a little kid I thought it was set in a parallel universe in which everyone was black, in which nonetheless all the basic types of people, all the vices and all the virtues, are represented. In other words, to me, those characters represented humanity, not black people.

Whit said...

"Calvin and the Colonel" was an amazingly unfunny animated series. "Amos n' Andy" also fell flat when Van Beuren animated two episodes about thirty years or so earlier.

Custom Coaster said...

Oh great Googaly Moogaly it's damn great alot of them, hell if you drew the picture and he did the voices that would be a great show... slide show, yeah!