Monday, July 16, 2007

Comcast Triple Play!

Cold Hard Flash did an article about the commercial John just completed. Well, John accomplished it with a super talented team of animators, assistants, and even let me join the party! I worked super hard on painting and getting better and did over a hundred and fifty paintings! Here's a few of the better ones. Only some were used in the commerical, but I sure did get a lot out of the process! I'm really happy with the level I got to by the end of all the painting- I had no idea I would get that far! Whoo!

Here's two of my favorites:

OH! And guess what???? Marlo Meekins and I will be at the Comic-Convention! I'm pretty sure we have a booth for Friday and Saturday. It will probably say something like Spumco Artists! I have never been, so please comment and tell me about your experiences there! I need to know what to prepare for! I'll post more info about that later- so stay tuned for more updates!!!

OH YEAH!!! Here's the commercial! Here!!!


Here's a quick doodle I did last night in front of my brother and papa to impress them! It's of them! They are pretty just like me!


Hammerson said...

Great commercial, congratulations for working on it! That compilation of paintings looks like a nice painting by itself - very tasty and aesthetically pleasing. Good luck at Comic-Con.

Darius Kazemi said...

Wow. Awesome ad.

Mark Stroud said...

Hi,Going to Comicon huh? Boy are you in for something. I've been going since 99' and it gets bigger each year. Imagine a couple football fields with like 1000 vendors, artists, games, movies, toys, and art. To say it's huge is understating it. It's crazy,it's fun, it's even frustrating, but there are lot of great people to meet and more things to do than you can possibly fit into one day. Maybe I'll stop by and say Hi. Enjoy!

pumml said...

The backgrounds are nice! Some great subtle color combinations there. You really went apeshit painting so many! Hope they weren't very big. Did you use cell vinyl, watercolor or gouache on these?

Brian Romero said...

WOW Kali! I had no idea you did so many paintings for this project! You did a great job. It was cool to hang out and shoot the shit with you at John's too.

Bring some pepper spray with you to the Comic Con. Fanboys will be all over you two like white on rice!

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Good luck at Comic-Con."


"Maybe I'll stop by and say Hi."

Ya!!! Say hi! I like hi's!

"Did you use cell vinyl, watercolor or gouache on these?"

I used watercolor and acrylic ink!!!!!!!!!!

"It was cool to hang out and shoot the shit with you at John's too."

Next time I'll bring my shit shooting gun!

Nice fanboy drawing by the way!!

!!!= intensity!!!

Ryan G. said...

Nice Kali! Wow! thats alot of paintings! YOu really came up with alot of variations! The commercial is Great! Give yer self a pat on the back!

Roo said...

I love your BGs. the textures and patterns in each scene are different and the color change across the screen look excellent. Do you use acrilics AND watercolor or a combination? cause id like to be able to paint BGs that cool someday.

Max Ward said...

Everybody going to the comic con ask Kali to draw you a croco-stimpy

Jenny said...

Hi Kali-I saw yoiur comment on U.E.'s blog re: vintage clothes; here's a link to a place right here in L.A.(in downtown I believe)that you should see:
ReVamp designs
A friend of mine knows these girls; they do reproduction clothes from all the cool eras. If you ever want to spring for a cool 40s outfit or just want to oogle you've got to check out the website.

As for the CON--! It's exhausting but I am sure you'll have great fun. It's a zoo. I went last year on Saturday and never again for me on that day--but that's as a browser. At least if you've got a booth there's somewhere to get out of the FRAY. You'll see what I mean.

Your paintings are really neat eye candy there. Congrats on a end to a big job! I bet on the next one you animate, yes?. : )

Vanoni! said...

Ha! Nice drawings of Papa Kali and Brother Kali.
I like the Ronald Searle nose.

I too had no idea you did so many paintings.
They look like fun though!

I had a table at Comicon for a couple years.
I weep for you.

- Corbett

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thanks Jenny! I doubt I will animating well at any point in the near future- maybe someday though!

"Give yer self a pat on the back!"

I gave myself a couple!

"I weep for you."

Why the weeping???? Explain!!!!

Vanoni! said...

No, no, no. . .I didn't mean anything by it.
Forget I said anything.

(Take some noseplugs and Lysol®)

Jorge Garrido said...

Great job, Kalzone!

>Everybody going to the comic con ask Kali to draw you a croco-stimpy


What's a croco-stimpy? Is that a cereal?

Kali Fontecchio said...

"What's a croco-stimpy? Is that a cereal?"



Vanoni! said...

You're thinking of cocoa-stimpys, Jorge!

mmmmmm.. .mmm!!

- Corbett

oskar said...

I really like how all those paintings together seem to elevate the pitch of color from flat and terrestrial, even subterranean,to clear, celestial glass if you pan upward. Very hot. THERE. I said it.

Jenny said...

Kali--one weeps for you because the Con is an overcrowded circus packed with huge people girded with killer backpacks and plastic comics bags, continually whacking into you and making it impossible to get close to the tables with the cool stuff half the time. Or three-quarters of the time. This is as a visitor, not an exhibitor. Also due to the hall being SO crowded it's HOT hot hot in there; seriously, you should bring a fan with one of those water things attached or maybe a spray can of Evian(they sell em at Sephora). Anyway, Marlo was there last year and Katie and they can brief you on why anyone would worry for you there. ; )
But it's lots of fun too and San Diego is nice; you also see tons of people that are a hoot as well as millions of fantastic artists. Every time I go it's like high school reunion or something. I'm sure you'll love it. BUT: if you get parked at a table drawing for people you've got tobe ready and willing to pull the plug and take breaks or you'll crash, bb!

/end rant

Kali Fontecchio said...

Spray bottles of water? Good idea! OOOOOH! I SHOULD BRING WATER GUNS TOO! AND WATER BALLOONS! And water!

Thanks for all the info Jenny! I really appreciate it!

Vanoni! said...

Jenny hit it all on the head.

Then there's the stuff outside the con.
The parking - the overpriced hotels and food.
The walking, walking, WALKING.

But despite all that it's got a lot of coolness going for it. And San Diego is one of my favorite places to be. I also love reconnecting with friends, seeing what everyone's up to and seeing how they're succeeding in the industry.

I just have a much smaller vested interest as most attending. I Don't really care for Star Wars, Star Trek, Star anything, Superheroes, or Anime. I don't get excited about toy figurines or sci-fi/fantasy weapon replicas.

What I do like are comics.
I wish they had more at the Comic Convention :)

Marc Deckter said...

Wow those bg's look cool all next to each other. Looks like various stages of sunrises and sunsets or something.

Nice family doodle! I like the contrasting facial expressions.

Jenny said...

Shite, Kali! Watch it with the water pistols! God help you if you spritz someone's comic or paper item by mistake!!! Ask Fontanelli what he'd do if he saw someone with a water pistol-he'll tell you!
For outside among normal, paperless people it's a must, though.

Andreas said...

As a Comic-Con fanboy who loves picking up sketches from artists, here are a few things to remember to bring.

Comfortable shoes
art supplies
a big a$$ bag to buy all the crap you pick up free and buy
more money
digital camera to capture the freak show
Best kept secrets of the Con are the lounges with free snacks. I have only been in the public lunge, which has provided it's own entertainment.
even more money

Andreas said...

>>a big a$$ bag to buy all the crap you pick up free and buy

I meant a a big bag to put all the crap you pick up free and buy.

As far as free stuff goes, the consensus between my friend and I is take anything offered for free, then sort and dump in your precious little down time, or after I get home each night.

See you there! I might even wear my cow pattern Butt Furr shorts