Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've Been Doing Some Secret Studies...

Actually, I don't know if it's a secret or not really... I like secrets!!!

But I took a break from secrecy and did some girls based on my secret stuff. Ha,ha! Secret marker secretions! Whoa, that sounds wrong...

A silly flapper!

A Hula-Hula girl! Katie has been talking about taking hula dancing -which is making me have dreams at night about hula girls! I want to hula too!

A school girl! I have socks just like that- they are authentic! They were stolen and then sold to me! From a Japanese schoolgirl in Japan! Don't worry, I washed them first.

There's this guy who thinks girls aren't as funny as guys. All I can say is, "WRONG!"



Marlo and I will be at booth AA7, the Autograph Area

Friday: 3:00-4:00 pm

Saturday: 2:00-4:00 pm

I think we're going to have a contest about that on John's blog! Stay tuned guys!!!


acutescream said...

zelda flapper kicks my hairy ass - thank you cola junkie lady (er chick)

Daniel Aguilar said...

Me encantan tus dibujos. Traducción: I love yours drawings. I don´t know more English, but it is great your job. I will thank you if you give me some tips.
Además eres bonita. Great: chido.

Jenny said...

I somehow doubt that Chris Hitchens is surrounded by fun-loving females. What a sourpuss.
Fun stuff!!

Katie said...

I love the schoolgirl!!! Her pose and tapered fingers are adorable!!! I want to know all your drawing secrets! TELL ME!

When you, me, and Marlo hang out I will show you the awesome hula moves I've learned so far!

Lester Hunt said...

"Marlo and I will be at booth AA7, the Autograph Area" Hot damn I wish I could be there!

Those drawings are screamingly cute, Kali!

Jenny, How did Hitchens get into this? I musta missed a beat.

Max Ward said...

Nice Katie inspired drawings, I must say! Good job!

Kali Fontecchio said...

"I will thank you if you give me some tips. "

You can read english? 'Cause I can't write in spanish!

"What a sourpuss."


"I want to know all your drawing secrets! "

I'll tell you when you go online!

"Jenny, How did Hitchens get into this? I musta missed a beat."

I put up a link to an article he wrote about how women aren't funny.

Lester Hunt said...

"I put up a link to an article he wrote about how women aren't funny." I musta been having a slow day. Women aren't funny? Boy, that's gotta be CH's his worst idea. I haven't checked the link yet, but it will be interesting to see how he explains away the apparent funnyness of Mae West and Gracie Allen.

Jorge Garrido said...
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Jorge Garrido said...

Great sketches!

But for once, I must agree with Hitchens. Women AREN'T funny. Kali, Katie and Marlo are the exception, but most girls aren't funny.

How many female SNL cast members can you name without looking it up on wikipedia, and how many of them went on to greater things? I can think of 2.

And what was funnier on Monty Python and Kids In The Hall, when it was really women or when it was men in drag?

But thank God for you exceptions.

Jenny said...

I don't think SNL is a litmus test for whether there are funny anyones in the world, male or female.

Like attracts like, and all my girlfriends are funny--some hysterically so. Like, for instance, my best pal-NOT a cartoonist, incidentally-was more of a Clampett and Kovacs knowitall than I was when I first met her back in 9th grade(mentioned so you can gauge her sense of humor-twisted and smart).

I suspect the ratio of funniness is the same in both sexes; since there are 50% women in the world as well as, um, 50% men, there's as many funny women as there are men. But men don't in the first place hang around a lot of women as pals for as long periods of time as they do males, so how would they know/can they judge how funny females are?
I'd like a guy like Jorge to list all the real life women he's come into contact with in his whatever, 19 years, and then say which ones were funny or not funny. If the only women he "knows" of are along the lines of: girls who hated him in 5th grade, a 7th grade science teacher, a waitress or a worker at the DMV, etc, how does he expect that those people are representative of everyday folks like all the men he meets in his life? Or would I be right in guessing that he naturally has all guys around him when he socializes, classmates he spends any serious time with, etc., and so has no basis to know if all the girls he's not really getting to know are funny or not?

Sorry for the long rant(or to pick on Jorge-I should know better than that!).
But it's just a paradigm that's false and taken for granted, and I'm pretty tired of it.

Jorge Garrido said...

I don't wanna start another fight, especially with Jenny, because I like Jenny, and especailly on Kali's blog, because I like Kali, so I'll concede.

What Jenny said is probably true, most guys don't socialize with girls the way we socialize with other guys so we don't see girls being funny.

Jesus, even when I'm trying to avoid conflict I'm longwinded. >:(

By the way, I have a crush on Kristen Wiig, one of the new SNL cast members. She's great! So I even proved myself wrong.

Anonymous said...

Interesting subject..I am a female and I tend to think women in general ARE less funny. I love to find exceptions to this and there are a few. But overwhelmingly I do find the female of the species much more easily offended, hurt and less prone to the sort of humor I am used to being able to express freely around men.

Here is a may be that women are as funny as men in regards to a sort of shared sense of humor between *women* making fun of men and their inadequacies (hehe) or chuckling over loaded diapers, blueberry pie stains or casseroles of whatever women like soccor moms laugh about amongst one another. Perhaps there is a woman to woman sort of humor that men just don't pick up on, thus they think women have no sense of humor or are not good at making MEN laugh.

Admittedly, when I worry about offending someone with a joke I am always concerned it's a WOMAN I have offended...I do think women are more emotional and sensitive...I mean think about it. How many women out there really really get off on the Tom and Jerry or Three Stooges sense of humor where characters get rakes smashed in their faces, their asses burned off or their tounges love this sort of thing. There very well may be something to the "That's dangerous!" reaction that women have to physical jokes like this..I mean ladies..any of you been working in animation the last 10 many billions of BSb and P notes have you seen (written by women) are about safety, safety safety!!!! Everything is about a character being safe, not getting their feelings hurt, everyone being happy....phooey! It's all *feminization* of the cartoon industry which in turn makes cartoons BORING and UNFUNNY.

So this is why this is an interesting discussion where I cannot wholeheartedly say women are just as funny...I am still inclined to think that men are more funny (because they aren't as SCARED as women are)but also I find women laugh as much as men at jokes and silly situations (and some pretty raunchy humor, too!!) their *receptors* for humor are there...I just don't know if they can deliver it with the same consistancy..with some exceptions, naturally. Many of us gals here on this board are the exceptions!!!!

Anyway, this post is sort of jumping all over the place, but I've been trying to give examples on both sides of the court. Maybe I could conclude more easily that women are as funny if so many of today's cartoons weren't so feminized and safety/feelings oriented. I think I've spent more time drawing knee pads, arm pads, helmets and safety equipment on my characters than funny gags.


Jenny said...

You do just fine, Jorge--I don't wana fight ya! ; )

But Cynthia--most of the women you've met aren't cartoonists/artists like yourself, and most of the men(I'd hazard to guess)are. What I'm suggesting is that there are just as many UNfunny/"scared" guys--bankers, insurance salesmen, people working at convienience stores, lawyers, doctors--with apparently zero sense of humor(actually, come to think of it I've met a lot of funny Drs--the ratio there seems to be 50-50 funny/unfunny in that realm).

A genuinely funny person as well as someone who can appreciate sarcasm, sly and/or sophisticated humor and comedy isn't all that common. whether male OR female.

Plainly much of the evidence one way or the other is anecdotal and personal to each person...but imho that's often the most valuable testimony(to go wildly off-topic: I always get chagrined when the NY Times will have some scientific years-long lab study that draws the most obvious, ""duh!" conclusions that any human in the street can tell you re: dogs and cats, for instance. There really are common human experiences that any person of some years' wide experience can validate without having to have it "scientifically" proven).
In sum--I've met plenty of women who are seemingly humor-challenged...but when I think about it, I've probably met more men who are, too. Just not at work. ; )

And while I think having to draw saftey pads on cartoon kids is silly(and a pain, I know), I don't think of the concept of safety for kids biking or whatnot as being "feminine". Is it because it's cautious that you write that? Because there's a lot of dads I know who are pretty fussy about their kids' carseats and helmets without being girlie about it. ; )
---Have a great time at the Con, girls!

Micah said...

With a line like "Funny? He wouldn't know a joke if it came served on a bed of lettuce with sauce béarnaise." leading his column he's effectively a kettle leading the blind!

Real cool Kali. Flapper girl was fun!

kittens with chainsaws said...

Hi Kali! It was lovely meeting you last week, sorry I couldn't stay & eat lunch with you gals. Maybe you can join Katie & I for a bit of hula sometime soon!