Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're Gonna Have A Party, Party Papa!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The bottom got cut off by the tiny scanner, but it pretty much says LOVE KALI.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

What brand markers do you use? I love these full color no-black-outline drawings... but I don't know which markers I like yet...

Happy Birthday Papa!

- trevor.

Eshniner Forest said...

Your Papa looks like he use to be in a rock n roll band. I could be wrong you know. :P

Nico said...

no no no, Kali = MY hero.

and That's pretty much the cutest self-drawing youve ever done!


Kali Fontecchio said...

"What brand markers do you use?"

Charpaks, trias, and copics :)

My papa thinks he used to be in a band hahaha.

Raff said...

Kali, I like your work.

I admire your inclination to experiment and you've got a cool ability to take whatever tools you have and create something that seems to live beyond the paper, even if it's lined paper, that it was drawn on. I envy all that. Just thought I'd say something since I drop by here every so often.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Just thought I'd say something since I drop by here every so often."

It's very much appreciated!

[Moth] said...

hey, kali!

Do you draw straight to the paper with markers?

No pencil sketch? Anyway, looks awesome.

By the way, i'm looking for some advice in storyboarding: do you know any good book to learn from?


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Wow! A nice gift for your dad! Cartoonists give the best presents!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Hey [moth]:

If you have Preston Blair's book, you need look no further ( especially the latest one ).

The best way to learn storyboarding is to read other people's storyboards. If you can read a storyboard, you can draw one.

The Looney Tunes discs have storyboards in their bonus features, and you can find a lot of storyboards over at the Animation Archive.

- trevor.

Sean Worsham said...

Awww!!! The best gift you can give your papa!!! Awesome stuff Kali!!! :)

Sean Worsham said...

You get better everytime!!!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

LOL: "It just do", and the upside-down swoosh.

I like little jokes that you don't catch right away. That's why Clampett rocks and McFarlane sucks.

- trevor.

Whit said...

If you can get hold of the scripts that your favorite board artists worked from on any given storyboard, you'll learn a heck of a lot, studying how they chose to interpret or rebel against the written word while turning the script into filmic continuity in line drawing. Studying boards alone just tells you how good the boards look. It's sometimes as much about what is not drawn as what is. And no two board artists work exactly the same. Some slick ones love to paste all the dialogue down first, then try to draw their way out of it. Wrong! It's about the thought process AND the drawing.

Pat McMicheal said...

Dang, Nice yellow teeth! Maybe you could draw POP a tube of tooth paste!