Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lauren Bacall + Boy In Puberty= My Voice Right Now

Painting background studies for a class, tah-dah.

The happiest day of my life. I love this book, now I can play HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE! WHERE THE DEER.......ok I'll stop.

Ode to the only two colors I've been seeing the past few days.

Doing forty-five caricatures is harder than I thought. These are for Senior Show 2008, oh god- will I finish in time on top of my side jobs and homework for seven classes???!!! Unlikely! Hahahaha..... oh god. If I had more time to investigate ech head I could make 'em more cartoony, but at this point all I'm concerned with is: a) people not hating me for making them funny looking, and b) getting them all done in time.

A friend of mine took this photograph in Arizona a while back. PRETTY COOL.

Thanks everyone in the last post who wished me well- this is the nasiest flu I've had in years, and it's still kicking me around like a rag doll.