Monday, June 16, 2008

Ralph Bakshi, Photos, And Sleepless Doodles

I got to meet Ralph Bakshi at Meltdown! He was very nice, I look forward to seeing him again.

Update! I think Vincent is hiding in the back there wearing his awesome Gorilla shooting shirt! I think they are located here!

John and Kent Butterworth among the crowd of Ralph's old employees. I think the msysterious hair might be Tom Minton's!

Steve Worth smokes a pickle at Canter's.

Wade Minter, featuring the Hulk.

Otis kids are everywhere!
(Left to Right: Geizi Guevara, Matt Nava, WADE, and Alma Ramirez.)

My favorite Dreampet, as of this month.

Sorry to go crazy with the pictures, I just got a camera, my very OWN camera. It's pink. Yes.

This nice man, Mr. Anders, has conducted an interview with lil' ol' me. Find out the origins of my being, or something like that. Be sure to look at his blog, there's also an interview with the genius that is Katie Rice!


adipunk said...

Hey! You didn't now me, and i didn't now you but i really like your stuff! :D it's amazing the colour you use and the way you draw chars in movement.

well, sorry for my troglodytian english.

keep on moving!

Bob said...

YOU GOTTA HANG OUT WITH BAKSHI AND GET AN INTERVIEW wow that's awesome. Also I was reading your interview and I noticed you had a laserdisk player, hahaha that's ancient. I had one back in the day and I would watch beetlejuice, the jerk, and cartoons on it all the time, but I was wondering if you felt that the quality of the cartoons were better on the laserdisk than they were on the dvd? When I recently watched the looney tunes dvd I felt dooped because I felt that the picture seemed a lot more crisp on laserdisc than on dvd. Anyways best of luck to ya and keep animating because that last animation was really good.

Cat Suen said...

hello back ! :)

Kali Fontecchio said...

Hi Bob

Yeah, the dvd's have been super tampered with, I definitely prefer the laserdics.

Chris S. said...

Great interview!

I was planning on attending the Annie Awards with the hope of meeting you guys, but I was unable to make it. There's a side of me that's kind of thankful because I would be a nervous ball of mush. It's rare to find people who truly understand what is great about real cartoons. It's even rarer that such an iconic animation-hero is so willing to share what he knows with the whole world.

I'll have you know that your blog is as inspirational as the blogs that inspired you. I will keep trying - and continue to look to you guys for inspiration.

Just a "thanks" for sharing your experiences. All the best.

Hawaiian Cowboy is great, BTW.

Kristy Gordon said...

Totally awesome paintings and photos Kali!!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Don't be nervous Chris! Tom Collins always calms my nerves though, haw haw!

Thanks Kristy! I'm a big fan of yours!!

NateBear said...

My first reaction tot he last drawing of the girlin the suit was, "Dead sexy!"

Now i hope that's actually girl (nevermind that it's a cartoon)

Kali Fontecchio said...


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

You got to meet Ralph! Lucky!

Good interview as well. AND! Ever notice how much Butterworth looks like TV's Frank ( Frank Connif )?

- trevor.

pop;yeah said...

welcome to hell is just so fantastic it is my favourite picture from you ever i think yes definitly.

Ken Mitchroney said...

Wow! Look at Ralph. He looks so Happy! Thanks for posting the pixs. Sorry i missed the event. It's always great to see the old gang again.
I would have been fun just to have Ralph fire Eddie and Mike Kazaleh one more time. Just for old times sake.
And the doodles! As you say...AMAZING!

Justin said...

Hey I saw those awesome caricatures you did with John K! Great work!

I'm curious to know what markers/paper you use to avoid the colors bleeding. I have a butt load of promarkers and they bleed on everything!

keep on being cool.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Great drawings here..and other good stuff too! Now I feel good again!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thanks Pop yeah- could I inquire as to why you like it so much?

Hahaha- You missed a very sweaty event.

"I would have been fun just to have Ralph fire Eddie and Mike Kazaleh one more time. Just for old times sake"

I heard that joke a lot John impersonating Ralph, "Johhnie, you're my favorite one to fire!"

Hey Justin I use Charpaks, Trias, Copics, and Tombos on either marker paper, bristol or whatever- I always put some scrap paper underneath as tp prevent leakage onto another page.

Eddie, you weren't feeling good previously? WHYFORE??????

pop;yeah said...

i like those eyes

Vincent Waller said...

Loving the water colors.

Vincent Waller said...

Oh and thanks for the plug! I didn't see it on my first pass ,and yes that is my ear.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yay, you thought they were watercolors, they are actually markers though! :p

diego cumplido said...

Now I understand it all. I'd like to meet such a group of people.

So, what are you going to do next?

trevor said...

Tell us more about Ralph.

- trevor.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"So, what are you going to do next?"

Not starve, hahaha.

Hey Trevor, I would if I could! We didn't talk much, he was very sweaty, as was I.