Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's All Punch Moe In The Face

Let's all enjoy Moe Abuse!!! A special gift from Moe and I to you.

And for those of you who care- here is a brief set of pictures from the flick. I won't give away the intense plotline in hopes that you'll go find out for yourself on the latest Stooge dvd!

Clyde Bruckman is my favorite gagman. Recognized critically mostly for working with Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy, he also did many, many Three Stooges shorts! I'll write more about him and draw him in my next post. For now, enjoy heads.

Hey! Everyone who went to the Con, tell me about your experiences there! I want to hear/see!


Vincent Waller said...

Haha. Thank you, that was wonderful.

Jorge Garrido said...

Punch Moe in the face?! Never! I have far too much respect for the man. It is, however, my dream in life to be punched in the face by a pretty girl, but if Moe Howard did it, it'd be an equal honour.

And, in the end, is that really so wrong? The answer, of course, is yes.

Whit said...

Spent Wednesday evening and all day Thursday at the Con, then left early enough to evade the true crowds and the fabled Con Crud, the respiratory infection that leads to death.

Mark Stroud said...

Lets see it was sold out like last year with bigger isles, like that helped. I saw multiple Batmen and mutliple Darth Vaders one with authentic heavy breathing and a Chewbaca with authentic sound also, it was pretty cool.

I bought more books than I ever have any year that I've gone. I bought Bill Pressings latest book, a book of Dan De Carlos' work, Lil Abner dallies from 1943, Chris Sanders Kiskaloo book, "How to Draw Stupid" by Kyle Baker, 4 books by Alfonso Azpiri (they were half off), Justin Ridges current book, a book of John Buscema's sketchs,Krazy and Ignatz complete full page comics 1925-1926, and lastly 2 books of Joseph Clement Coll's fantastic pen and ink work, whew.

Now all I want is to sleep and to digest with my brain all that swag.

Pat McMicheal said...

Awesome....I love the Stooges!

Mr Goodson said...

Damn thee Kali. Everyone wanted to meet you. I guess damn me mainly. I had an extra badge. I could have hauled you down there and from there just stayed in touch via cell phone until it was party and departure time. I should have checked before I left. Oh well. I had an exhausting time. This post details my pop culture acquisition...

And you are a Stooge fan. You are now officially perfect.

Hryma said...

How do they get out of the hole?

Yep, one very happy customer indeed!
(my profile pic there explains it)

trevor said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Kali!

- trevor.

Kali Fontecchio said...

I'll punch you in the face, Jorge :).

Mark: Sounds like you made out like a bandit!! One can never enough art books!

Pat: GOOD!

Ellis: I'm so sad I didn't go! I had lots of work to do. That makes me so happy though they all wanted to meet me! Next time!

"And you are a Stooge fan. You are now officially perfect."

Aw shucks!!!

Hryma! You totally made my day with your happy picture- I feel so honored that I could give you glee!

Hryma said...

Right back at ya!!

Andreas said...

Stooges! Yay!

Comic-Con was a wonderful and tiring journey from Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon. Hot tip for cartoonists (and lovers of them), go see Sergio Aragon├ęs and Scott Shaw for the quick draw on Saturday. It was the best panel of the show with guest Mike Peters. The hilarity Mark Evanier is able to conjure up from those artists is amazing. Lots of people again. I wish they would space the "popular" booths farther apart. Comic-Con did get more of a handle on crowd control this year. There was a huge crowd trying to get the huge bags from the WB booth while across the aisle people were trying to get all four of the Star Trek posters from the Paramount hovel.

Found a couple good books. Saw a few promising independent books. Enjoying a different perspective on Bridgeman and his drawings thanks to the Anatomy discussion by Marshall Vandruff.

I am still digesting everything I saw, heard, and bought. Still trying to erase my mind of inappropriate costumes with mental bleach...
See Sheldon

Allyn said...

thank you kali for the feedback, i'll have another shot bearing in mind your advice. sorry for confusing the drawings!