Sunday, August 31, 2008

T-Rex Hackelberg, Johnnie K, and The Place Of Least Resistance (On Guitar!)

Rex is in Amerika. Here is my proof- drawings.

I'm running out of things to show that I'm allowed to show so... here's a picture I made for John last month. I can't swim, so John graciously offers me a ride whenever I look like I'm about to drown.

And here is one John made for me to celebrate the cutting and coloring of my hair.

If you like Chrono Cross/ and or acoustic guitars, then here is my feeble attempt at playing Bend of Time (I think that's the name, I do know it's the place of least resistance?)

Plus! Sneak peek into Presidential Political Fun Time!

Popeye Stands behind Obama's views on taxes.


Jenny said...

Your playing is sweet, very warm tone and nice pitch there, missy. Pretty song too.
And your hair-cut looks loverly in real life. All in all a very happy post. : )

Ben Goetting said...

sometimes i think the whole purpose of your blog is to make internet boys fall in love with you

David Germain said...

When you said T-Rex, I thought you meant the band at first. The guys that sing "Get It On! Bang a Gong!" You clearly didn't play that on your guitar. Whatever.

Popeye might back Barack's stand on taxes but Theodore looks a little skeptical. Or maybe he just has a thing for Sarah Palin.

trevor said...

I saw that guitar piece on YouTube last week, and kept wondering when I'd see it here. You sure picked a toughy to thumb through. Good work!

I get tripped up on Nirvana.

I love the pictures you blessed us with today! So John swims with his glasses on? Do they work as makeshift goggles?

- trevor.

MDC said...

Wow lefty guitar eh? Is there no end to your talent?! First the blogosphere, then finally youtube Kali! Tomorrow world domination and immortality is yours!!! Mwah ha ha ha!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thank you Jenny I'm glad you liked it :)

Ben: #_#

David: I'm sorry to disappoint you, T-Rex is the nickname of Rex. :'(

Trevor: Actually John doesn't wear his glasses while swimming, I decided artistically it looked more balanced that way.

MDC: Wait, I don't play lefty guitar haha. I think these Mac cameras just flip the image for some reason... not sure why.

Khaki Hat said...

Like I always say, properly constructed women are preferable.

Sean Worsham said...

Awesome drawings. Are you going to get Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS? That is if you have a DS?

Lester Hunt said...

Thanks for letting us hear you play -- it was lovely! The all-important chords sounded like they were done right. Also your new portrait on your profile page looks great. Don't change it for a while, okay?

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Awesome drawings. Are you going to get Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS? That is if you have a DS?"

!!! It's on the DS??? OOOOohhh I wannntt. Now I need a DS, holy crap!

Lester: Thanks! Playing guitar makes me happy, so it's fun to share if I do something right, haha. And OK I won't change anytime soon :)

Zach Cole said...

Did you learn that from a tab or did you figure it out by ear? Either way, it's not bad. Now I want to learn.

I never finished that game though. Neither did my girlfriend. We both got really confused.

I like the way you draw John, by the way. You show his sensitive side. :P

trevor said...

I decided artistically it looked more balanced that way.

Quite right. Good call.

- trevor.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Did you learn that from a tab or did you figure it out by ear?"

Taaaab. I can only do by ear if it's not too complicated, haha.

It's a pretty intricate game- I spent years finding every secret, leveling up everything and learn every loophole. That's why most often I try to avoid games, I get really obsessive, and want to dissect it all. This all takes hours, at least when it comes to rpgs of that length.

Nico said...

you can use my DS kali if I can borrow your popeye comix :D

or whatevs. I was gonna steal your books no matter what

Jack said...

So who are you for? Obama or McCain?

Gabe Fullilove said...

Nice Playin' Kali! I checked out you and Katie on the MySpace, and you should keep making music cuz you are good at it.

Any chance of a Kot'n Katie and Kali Kazoo CD soon?

Kali Fontecchio said...

"So who are you for?"

Nico 2012!

Thanks Gabe!

"Any chance of a Kot'n Katie and Kali Kazoo CD soon?"

I hope so!

jack raffin said...

hey, all right! good times with guitar, with the do, with the fact that when people type in yr name, my nose song kinda comes up on youtube. good times all round. who's nico's running mate anyway? and what's his policies, aside from the big eyelash campaign.

Nico said...

Well i was keeping this a surprise but yes I am running for prez in '12.
all because Kali believes in me :)

and look for her becoming the foist woman US president in 2016. i know because i am from the future

trevor said...

Nico 2012!

I bet Nico knows how many houses he owns.

- trevor.

Phantom Spitter said...

"Popeye stands behind Obama's views on taxes."

Huh. And all this time I thought Popeye was a McCain man!

Nice drawings. I didn't know John was black! Just kiddin'.

Mitch K said...

EXCELLENT!! Now play Frog's Theme!!!!!!! THAT IS A REQUEST!!!!!

Kali Fontecchio said...

I did it for you Mitch, from my crappy memory, and was really sad when I clicked on the links on the side of mine.

For Mitch.

Phantom Spitter said...

I'd never heard of Hackelberg before. I like the style. Kinda reminds me of Johnny Ryan.

Mitch K said...

YEA KALI!! That's awesome!! From memory, oh my, good memory. :D

You've made my day! (Frog is my favorite) :D :D

Ryan G. said...

Looked like a couple of tough chords there..Good job!

dibujador said...

why are you SO talented?

Hryma said...

Sweet playing!
Girls who play guitar are the coolest.