Monday, November 3, 2008

Meltdown, Sketch Theatre, And Devo

...but first........mystery paintings

Hey, I'm on Sketch Theatre! It captures the process of the artist doodling in front of a camera with time lapse, it's fun to watch! There are tons of super talented artists on there, mostly illustrators, but I got invited to join in on the fun. The operation is run by a lady named Lily over at the famous Gnomon art school in Hollywood (the school that puts out all those instructional concept art and 3d dvds). Right now there is one video of me, but I think later on this week and next there will be more.

Saturday over at Meltdown political cartoon fans came by to see John, Jim, and myself doodle away. I had a blast- send pics if any of you are out there! John put up some photos over on his blog too.

This is hero Ellis Goodson, concept artist extraordinaire!

Justin is awesome, and here's me getting excited over his head shape.

Halloween was full of laughs and tummy aches- here's my family portrait.

Julianne is my friend and daughter of world renowned Calarts/Otis teacher. She can fit into children's clothing.

Here's some old crap:

Oh yeah- don't forget to donate to music geniuses The kids Are Alright Show over at KXLU for a George Liquor shirt!


David Germain said...

Are those background paintings from the upcoming George Liquor Show? Oh well, those look cool. A horrible pox upon that sponsor that pulled out.

Kali Fontecchio said...

One of them is a color key- so not the real thing :p

Nico said...

My fave Maude picture ever :) So adorable!

and wow the Sketch Theatre vid turned out AWESOME!! Hope they put up the others soon!

Niki said...

I promise to learn to paint better for this is an interesting conundrum.

I have one so I'll show it to you if you want, its in PS but I really want to do natural painting.

I like the land scape and the you.

Emmett said...

Miss Kali, your stuff continues to impress me. Any tips for practicing color and painting?

Mr Goodson said...

Another Video of the EVENT.

Thanks for posting the picture of me. I feel like part of the in crowd now

Spicy Green Burrito said...

Dude, did you paint those backgrounds?? They're awesome. Looks like you be havin' fun woman!

Nico said...

HEY!!! Thanks for posting that video Ellis! errr Mr. Goodson! Mr. G? Anyway, great to meet you and sorry we didn't get to chat longer.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"I have one so I'll show it to you if you want, its in PS but I really want to do natural painting."


"Any tips for practicing color and painting?"

Hmmm- if you're serious about, do it everyday no matter what. Even if your grandma goes into a coma.

Hahaha- Ellis, you're the freakin' in crowd.

Monica, you be needin' to get o'er 'ere for crying out loud. Yeesh!

Deniseletter said...

About Meltdown meeting: What a pity I live abroad.Sincerely I Wish I Could Have Been There

Justin said...

Oh geezus. I am always amazed at how bald I am.

pop;yeah said...

i don't know if you're already way ahead of me on this, but i have a collection of old devo demos that were never released. And some really great live stuff too. All of it's fantastic "hardcore" like yeah. Like a couple of songs sound like '73 even.

Grant said...

Kali I am continually in awe of all your work, everything here is super sweet! Hot damn!
I wish I could have made it to meltdown, but alas I am from sunny scotland. oh well.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Oh geezus. I am always amazed at how bald I am."

You have a great head!

" Like a couple of songs sound like '73 even."

I have Hardcore devo vol. 2- but if you have other stuff...gimme gimme!!!

" but alas I am from sunny scotland."

That's awesome! I was just watching the turning into a Scotsman sketch!

pop;yeah said...

wheredo i send them?

Kali Fontecchio said...

In my profile :)

Colter said...

The backgrounds/color keys look great Kali. Awesome stuff.

I'd post the google-chat pile of poo in here, but it doesn't let me.

trevor said...

What fun!

- trevor.

notimeforclocks said...

Wow, this blog makes me wish I were a real artist

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Nice post! I love seeing the latest sketches, but the old ones are great too!

JohnK said...

Hey, where are you?

I have surprises.

Mr Goodson said...

A poster sent to me from Otis. In case you, as an alumnus, feel like getting some extra for all that money you spent. Or know anyone else that might get any good from Nick recruiters coming to Otis.

Hey Nico. It was great meeting you. Lets make a video short of something or rather. Go down and kick ass on Channel 101.

John Spumkin said...

I loved that vid from Sketch Theatre.

I just wanted to know: what Deerhoof song was that?