Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey There, Georgie Boy


These are all old, you might remember from what time period, like seven months ago, May I think. I've learned tons from doing them, and John helped me understand all the things I was doing wrong. Lately I've been practicing in my free time drawing toys.

Coming Soon: William Shatner obsession, sketchbook for sale, and toys!


Louise Smythe said...

how are you soooooo awesome

Nicolas Martinez said...

You've done a great job copying the Spumco characters! I especially love the one of George looking up (I think it's from the "Butcher Shop" story)

Also, if you want to, I was wondering if you can critique this ink drawing I've done. There's no hurry.

diego cumplido said...

beautiful work Kali

Trevor Thompson said...

Even though I'm what jokingly passes for an adult, I still look at the pretty pictures before pursuing the text.

Probably why I thought you had just posted a bunch of John's George Liquor drawings. That's how good a job you did.

As some of the more elderly in my British family tree would say, "Spot on, Kali, spot on".

- trevor.

Whit said...

The slight up angle drawing of George radiates manly mood and constitutes one fine specimen.

Nico said...


these are old, but i still love 'em all!!

[Moth] said...

Those pencils are awesome, Kali. When I try to do that, I think i'm doing it well, but when i separate my nose of the paper, I only see shit. Specially with more sophisticated poses-compositions, like the first bugs-porky one.

Greetings from Spain!

Deniseletter said...

Kali you're a talented drafts-wo-man indeed,and I love The bunny! That proves the valuable of the John corrections

Tim said...

These are great, Kali.
Shatner obsession! Bring it on!
Have you seen the trailer for the new Star Trek movie? That kid looks like a peanut from Shatner's stool.

ArtF said...

great stuff, Kali! I'm especially likin' the comic cover studies. Nice and solid.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thanks Everyone!

and hello Spain!

"Have you seen the trailer for the new Star Trek movie?"


The Spock looks like Spock.

Jorge Garrido said...

These are amazing. Your hands are like magic machines that can make really good copies of things. Combine that with your endless creativity and originality in drawing new cartoons and drawings, and you've got the makings of one of the next great cartoonists.

Do you also forge signatures?

"The Spock looks like Spock."

More like looks like he sucks cock

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Hryma said...

Super cute Bunny!
Looking forward to the toys....!