Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny Time Heads And Sketch Theater Show In Hollywood

The Art of Sketch Theatre
at The Gnomon Gallery
March 21 - April 20

Public Opening and Artists’ Reception
7pm - Midnight
Live Figure Drawing, DJ, Open Bar & more!

Come say hi to me in Hollywood, if you'd like to.


Leeann H said...

The legend is true! Pity I live 6,000 miles away. D:

pumml said...

Awesome, Kali. I checked out your sketch theatre clips... really great to see you work! The sketches are another level up, too. I'm particularly impressed with how confident your line work is. Not to knock them, but way more than some of the other folks in those videos. I won't name any names. :)

The black pen you used for the line work looks like a Japanese Pilot brush pen I like to use... but I have a problem with it bleeding when I throw down the color. I noticed you didn't have the same trouble. Is it a different one, perhaps?

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thanks Pumml!

That sounds like the same pen I use- you say it bleeds? I've never had that problem. What kind of color do you "throw down"?

Whitney Pollett said...

I'm there little lady! Congrats BIG TIME!! And just to butt in, cus i do that....I think the problem pumml is encountering is caused, not by the pen, but the paper. Kali, Don't you usually use Velum or some type of marker paper? It prevents bleeding cus it's not as porous as say, bristol or regular ol' printer paper ....maybe try inkjet paper! its cheap and super slick for inky pens! Kali would probably tell you that but I beat her to the punch! HIYAAAA!!

pumml said...

I usually have a problem when I use color PITT brush pens over the Pilot. I should probably let the ink dry a little longer too, but I get impatient. Maybe I ought to just switch to Copics for color, since they blend better anyway.

Time to go test out my materials, I think!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Whitney!

You're going to come??? Hooray!!!

Actually I don't use vellum- I use every normal thing like marker paper, animation bond paper, printer paper, Moleskine sketchbooks etc. And no bleeding.

Hey Pumml-

I've never even heard of Pitt! Hmm...

ya I use Copic, Tria and Charpaks and none of them ever bleed with that Japanese brush pen.

Niki said...

Cool! I'll go! but wait Georgia is like, all the way over here... I'll go if I find a way to move to Kali-fornia!

pumml said...

Thanks for all the tips, Kali and Whitney! I've never used marker paper, but now I think I might try some out. If they make little 4" x 6" sketchbooks out of it, even better. I also need to get out and buy some more variety of colored markers.

The bleeding I'm experiencing happens with the little Canson sketchbook I carry everywhere. The paper is not bad, but probably not designed specifically for markers.

The Pitt brush pens are decent. Pretty good for creating certain brush effects and drawing nice lines. Downside is the tips wear out pretty quick and they aren't good for large coverage, but the upside is the felt tips can be pulled out and flipped to reveal another sharp tip. They're also pretty cheap and are about pencil size, which makes them a little more portable.

Thanks again!

Nico said...

WOW, the texture and coloring on that hobo is amazing. So much weight! I feel like I could reach out and pinch him! great jorb.

and, that bucky tooth girl might be one of my new favorite characters by you. She is so bizarre and cute!!

M. R Darbyshire said...

Sounds like fun! If only it was a few months later

I second Kali's moleskine suggestion! I've never had a good time with Canson paper of any kind.

Niki said...

Marker paper?! When did this enter into our existence? I need to try some of that!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Oh Nico that reminds me!

I named the hobo

Hobo Divine

named after Hobo Divine hahaha

Yes Niki- go buy some! It's nice. Smooth Bristol is good too.

Max Ward said...

Hey Kali, how did you get involved with sketch theater?

Kali Fontecchio said...

Hi Max-

well they emailed me and I said yes, hahaha.

It's lots of fun!

Dan szilagyi said...

great work Kali!

Love your line work and style, wish i could go down but i live in the sunny beaches of Canada


Niki said...

Whoa! How long has it been? I almost forgot I asked a question! Thanks for the advice, I'll get some when I go to Micheal's!

Pat McMicheal said...

Hey, I really dig that Blue-Haired-Buck toothed -Beauty!!! I think I took her to my high school prom!
How do you get these cool gigs?

Corey said...

Very appealing stuff. I love the snaggle toothed characters you draw. I can relate to them.

JohnK said...

I love those heads!

laughingwolf said...

neat stuff, kali :D

Hryma said...

Cooooolll, that would have been!
Love the green faced kid with yellow hair.

Hey I was in my home town, been wanting to do this for ages, well since you said " kiss a wombat". Probably don't remember, but anyway :b

and to prove it's not stuffed.