Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whisper Of The Weird

I think I'll be selling those color cards on my etsy soon among other things......

Below are lackadaisical doodles, I'm sorry in advance, haha.

Look how cute Emily and her guy are- AWWWW!

Look what Nico made! Jiji loves my metallic rose Nintendo DS too!

John and I played a game where we had to draw people or characters from memory. He'd tell me who to draw and vice versa. Can you guess who they are below?

Yes, EVERYTHING below this sentence was drawn by John, hahahahahahahahaha!

Getting ready for COMIC CON, oh my...



Thomas Yamaoka said...

I love the drawing on the blue paper! the eyes so mezmerizing! good work on all of these Kali!

Colter said...

Hahha John's Sailor Moon is hilarious. At least that is who I think it is. It looks like 90% of the stuff you see on DeviantArt.

Vincent Waller said...

Great stuff Kali.

M. R Darbyshire said...

Ooowow!! All of these thousands of drawings are amazing!!!!

I can't wait for your Etsy store!! And Comic-Con!

Emily said...


Yours: Peter Lorre, um...not sure about the others!

John's: Clark Gable, Joan Crawford...Fred from I Love Lucy?

Sailor Moon.

I try, I try...Love the drawings, and your Nintendo ad! Thanks for posting the pic of us!

Molly said...

Your kitty drawing is adorable!

What a fun game! Is that Jackie Gleason from The Honeymooners?

thomas said...

All really confident drawings. Thanks for posting!

The sketch of the girl, with the WTF look on her face; really captured that look.

Is the drawing in the upper right, some 60's game show host? Can't remember the name.

Whitney Pollett said...

SAILOR MOON!!! I had a Sailor Mars costume somewhere but I can't find it anymore :'(
Sorry Comic con, better luck next year! AAhahah (lucky them)!
Hey I'm going to Comic-Con too?? Are you guys going to have a booth?

Tim said...

I would like chipmistress to bring me a basket of tortilla chips at sunset. Then sit on my lap and feed them to me. With queso.

Tara Billinger said...

Awesome colorful drawings here, Kali. The orange, blue and girl with the tortilla ships are my favs. Looking forward to your esty shop and comic con!

I absolutely love the Kali Merch too.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thomas, Vincent, Darby: Thanks!

Colter: haha, yer right!

Thanks again Emily for the photo! You got all of John's right except there's no Joan Crawford ( this one he doesn't was very good so don't worry hahaha).

Molly: Yes it's Ralph!

My kitten has the biggest sweetest eyes, I love her so much <3 <3 <3!

Thanks THomas, it's actually a really bad Jack Benny drawing, really bad. Terrible, even.

Whitney: "Hey I'm going to Comic-Con too?? Are you guys going to have a booth?"

Poor Comic con, not getting you in that outfit, hahahaha.

I'll be with John at his panel, autograph alley, and the Reel FX booth! I'll be all over! We should hang out!!!

Tim: hahahahaha!

Thank you Tara! Hoepfully I can get enough stuff together, I'm going to sell some jewelery my mother and I made on there too.

Niki said...

The last one is pretty odd...

Man i need as shirt.

Niki said...

Also I like the one in between the yellow and green ones best.

Nico said...

hey, i told you to put some of these drawings up! hooray that you did, you should know that they are all very good!

Rich said...

Ok, I can't believe i have not already read this in someone else s comment. There is no way that I am the only one who thinks you look fantastic in those pictures with your hair like that and without the glasses. The little flower and everything, soooooo cute. Come on now people!