Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Watch the video Nico and I made for Tim Heidecker using his song for the new hit movie Old Dogs. It's a hit, a classic, can't you tell by this ad?

HAPPPY THANKSGIVING! What are you guys having? Turkey? Turducken? Tofuducken? Baco-Turk???

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taxi Of The Valley

Here's a picture I did for Ben! It's of his character Taxicab, my very own Maude, and it only seemed fitting to have Andy Warhol oversee the convergence. It's also in marker which I haven't used as much lately. Marker fumes await me!

The above girls, Garfunkel and Oates are these silly singers who play guitars and ukuleles. They have very nice voices and great contrasting heads.

An overstimulated Nico makes a brush pen appearance!

This is a mask that was made for Jason Ander's Fulle Circle Magazine! This is actually what gave me the idea to do my Mark mask. I love Painter.

Above is a drawing from my former co-worker pal Bob McKnight! He's all sorts of talented!

Here's our combination drawing/show pitch.

As Johnny Winter once said, "Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rude Cacti And Happy Floaty Gals

Here are some Clampett inspired gals floating around. Had these drawings/inks for a while, so I colored them today.

There was cleaning out this week so I found some random crap. I forgot I even had this! This is from...I don't even remember! Not too long ago...
Update! I decided to sell this piece on Etsy! Click this sentence for the link!


The past two weeks have been full of insanity. I'll probably get more photos later, but I did caricatures at my buddies wedding (Molly and Carl Johnson). I love them!

Drawing at the airport and on planes is fun. Now that I don't live near LAX anymore, I had a lot more time to fill waiting for my plane.

If you live in Chicago, pick up a copy of The Chicago Reader! Yes, that's my Mark mask on the cover, pretty cool eh?

Thank you everyone who sent me birthday cards and wishes! It made me sooo happy!!!!! By the way, Happy Veteran's Day!