Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Newfangled Icon Links And Ultramodern Fun Room

Yay! Finally new updated link friends! I finaaaaaaally got around to making them new and shiny. All of these were done in Painter.
New Nico!

New Johnnie!

New Eddie!

Baby Ellis!

Just recently we moved into a new apartment, and I have been carefully organizing the perfect cartoon haven! I'm so in love with it, you have no idea. I thought I'd share some photos of my new workspace/happyland! Nico and I will be working on making the rest of the apartment look as fun. Mike Fontanelli's cartoon museum was a definite influence. Decorating is fun, maybe I should go into it on the side....let me know if you need help!

The cartoon disease is slowly spreading down the hall into the rest of the apartment. Nico's new room is pretty fun too. YAY HAPPY NEW FUN TIME!

Check out my new fancy link to my Etsy store! I like dirt.


Nico said...


Jiji approves.


M. R Darbyshire said...

I like all the icons a lot!

Will you sell me one of those hangers??

Niki said...

Oh God. It's everything I'd dreamed it would be! Nico's head is even here! It must have been a premonition!

Nico, Jiji's eyes are intoxicating

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Will you sell me one of those hangers??"



M. R Darbyshire said...

This: here. I thought I saw two, now I only see that one.

Your room would make good Where's Waldo pictures. I like it!

Kali Fontecchio said...

I have a couple! And they're not for sale! If I see another one I'll let you know!

MrGoodson2 said...

That captures the Beaver that was the cowlick hair baby Ellis. Awesome!!
I like my eyes. All the rest of them are great as well.
And you guys new digs are great. I was trying to decipher your reading material. I saw some old Johnny Hart BC paperbacks.

Kali Fontecchio said...

I'm glad you liked it Ellis!

YOu read correctly, I have more Wizard of ID than BC, but I've meaning to rectify that.

Pedro Vargas said...

Holy crap! Whatta cool room! Lots of nice, beautiful cartoon colors all around. I wish I could live there for like a day or year or two! Looks too awesome!

Love that picture of the Mickey-Donald coat hanger.

patrick sevc said...

That Eddie is exquisite. It would make a great rubber Halloween mask!

Molly said...

Love the new icons, they are fantastic! And great job decorating, it must have taken forever to find a home for all your friends.

ZackWallenfang.com said...

Awesome. I have that same Disney train cut-out thing up in my workspace as well!

Tim said...

You've heard this before but it bears repeating - you are a TOTAL BADASS with color.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Those new heads are great. That Eddie is the greatest thing I've ever seen!!! So hilarious! Good job!

I love looking at all your cool cartoony loot too! It makes my collection look completely inferior.

RooniMan said...

Holy S***, thats a lot of toys!

Austin Papageorge said...

Nice Chrono Trigger picture. I take it that it's the pack in with the DS game?

Ken Mitchroney said...

Like your new digs lady. You blend in well with all the cartoon goodness
The icons came out killer as well. The guys should be super flattered for sure.

Allyn said...

that is an amazing room you have!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Pedro: Thanks! Hmm...maybe I should open a cartoon hotel??

Patrick: That would be cool! I'd wear it, haha. Thanks!

Zack: Yes! Casey Jr. is definitely one of my favorite rides at D-Land so it's nice to have it on the wall.

Tim: Wow, I don't think I've ever heard that, but I like it! Thank you!

Shawn: Thanks Shawn! I'm sure your cartoon haven is cool too!!!

Rooni: Yes.

Austin: It sure is!

Ken: Here's me trying to blend in casually with them:
toy friends!

Allyn: Thank ye kindly!

Paul B said...


ZackWallenfang.com said...

Casey Jr. is one of the few things I have never done there. Almost forgot it exists, mainly because it seems to be closed every time I go! BTW, nice Alice in Wonderland dark ride poster.

Nico said...

"BTW, nice Alice in Wonderland dark ride poster."


Tara Billinger said...

Wow! Looks like you got a new bed upgrade! I love your new room and your hallway. It looks alot roomier than your other room. Jeez, its so much fun to look at all your trinkets and plush. 83

We need to stop by over the summer, chill and see your new place!

Alex_Munguia said...

You're very organized.

Pedro Vargas said...

I forgot to add how much like the new icons! Love the colors and I love how you paint in general! I wish I could be at your level of painting.

I like Eddie's face. It's like you can actually touch his nose! Very cool!

And the store icon you did for your Etsy store looks great too. Love how you did the lettering. I get mesmerized every time I see it.

You should definitely open up a hotel, Kali! You can call it the Kartoon Kali Inn!

Ted said...

Someone is jockeying for a tripod for Groundhog Day.

Mitch K said...

WOW your room is HUGE! And incredible.

Mitch K said...


Whitney Pollett said...

Very cool Kali! I love the icons and your new apt.! JC and I need some serious help decorating! Come over asap!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Tara: I can't wait til' you come back!!

Pedro: I love YOUR lettering!!!


Jack G. said...

I used to have some of those plastic Cool-Aid mugs as a kid.

Where did you find all this stuff?

My room is pretty conservative compared to yours. I don't think I could deal with all that clutter (though yours is "grouped" very well).

J C Roberts said...

Those mugs aren't "cool-aid", They're the "Funny Face" characters. A drink mix brand that's been gone since the 70s. My family always preferred it to Kool-Aid. The mugs caught my eye right away in the mirror shot. Then I looked at the shelf above them and saw something else familiar:

For those that don't know, the names are:
With-it Watermelon
Loud Mouth Punch
Goofy Grape
Rudy Tutti Frutti
Choo Choo cherry
Lefty Lemonade
Jolly Ollie Orange
Freckle-Face Strawberry

It looks like that's a complete set, even though there were more flavors, they only made those 8 as mugs.

That looks like a room that would be impossible to be depressed in, but make sure to keep up with occasional dusting :)

Zach Bellissimo said...

Definatley a bigger room!
Golly, you gots soooo many toys 0-0
Have you gotten more since the summer? Kinda looks like it.

Hehe and I think my favorite blog head would have to be Nico. That is an attractive face.

Fernando Ventura said...

Great stuff! :D

Frank said...

SOOOO CUTE! One day I hope to get just as many Dream Pets!


Oscar Grillo said...

You have proven that Fen Shui sucks!

Frank Macchia said...

Oh man. the natural habitat of a cartoonist. It’s a magical place.

where do you find all this stuff Kali? online? locally?
where are the good flea markets in LA?

I left my pile of tacky treasure in Toronto...Really need to ship it over here. In the mean time I've gotta start accumulating some stuff from around here.