Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Film 101

I got the awesome opportunity to design artwork for the Channel 101 award statues for the 2011 Incredibly Prestigious Channy Awards! Julie Gollins built these amazing statues that actualy light up, no less, with my artwork representing each category. Considering it had to do with making films, I decided to have each award reference an early film star, creator or film.

ALSO! I decided to make it into a poster- get one here!

Each category left to right top row: Sexiest Moment, Best Writing, Best Supporting Actor, 2nd row Best Supporting Actress, Best Special Effects, Best Show, 3rd row Best Production Design, Best Actress, Best Actor, 4th row Best Editing, Best Failed Pilot, Best Director, bottom row Best Cinematography, Best Animation, and Best Action.

I chose Walt Disney and Mickey to represent animation. This is my first time drawing Walt too I realized.

Chose a sort of an unorthodox way to represent action with Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times. I think most people first think of fighting when they think of action, so I tried to convey it some other way.

Gone With the Wind seemed like the obvious choice for best production design, that movie is beautiful.

Citizen Kane is well-known for being on everyone's top film list, so it seemed synonymous with best show I thought.

Myke Chilian, Tommy Meehan, and Sevan Najarian won for McBusters! So they got to keep the Walt Disney the ones!

And here are some doodles:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HAPPY 11-1-11!!!

A Tribute to Bill Kopp at the American Cinematheque Egyptian theater in Hollywood! I made the it in a 60s rock poster style.


Vintage Disneyland Tomorrowland people!

Maude thingy!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Looney Larry Sanders Show

Here's a piece I can show you- I have so many more and projects I'm working on- but they're not for your eyes to see! I'm sorry! Y_Y

Also going through a MAJOR Doctor Who obsession, and Jack Cusumano who is also a Who fan, I couldn't resist drawing him for his birthday!

I watched this whole show from the 90s a few months ago, and it's amazing, especially Artie played by Rip Torn. He's the one on the right, the whole show is about assholes, with the exception of Artie who is not an asshole. So good, check it out!

Here are some board revisions I did in '09 for The Looney Tunes Show. I didn't save much for some reason- but here are some (it's so hard to look at old stuff!) At that point I still felt comfortable with pencil compared to the cintiq, so that's why they're all on post-its, haha. In retrospect, that was awful for my wrist, drawing so tiny. The board artists on these are Bob McKnight, Ryan Green, and Jim Smith...I think I'm missing one but I can't remember... enjoy:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Well Well Well

Here are some pieces from the past few weeks!
Myke Chilian as... THE CHILIANAIRE! Drawn by Paul Rudish and inked/colored by Kali Fontecchio.

A birthday card for the extraordinary Matt Danner!

Here is a new Sketch Theatre video I did featuring the drawing above!
Click this link below to watch!!!!!
Come to the show tomorrow night at the Gnomon gallery in Hollywood to meet some of the artists and celebrate the first Sketch Theatre book...which I am included in! Weeee! Here's info on Facebook for the meeeee!

In honor of CARMAGEDDON I'm posting this at 405.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hula Ha Ba Ga Hula Hoot Hoot Hoot

I'm in an art show at Qpop in Little Tokyo tonight called Ham Ba Ga! Lots of CRAZY talented artists are in it, plus cool stuff to buy! Here is my piece that is for sale:

"Lust In Space" (stole the name from a Gwar song HWA!)

A wedding gift for a friend (she really likes owls). :3 <3 :p

AND I have a big 12 by 18 inch poster for sale in time for SUMMER. Some neon hula girls for youuuuuuuu:

Come to my Etsy and check them out!

ALSO if you want to see random photos and doodles and WHAT NOTS on a more daily basis, subscribe to my TUMBLY WUMBLY:
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I did two traditional marker pieces for This Is My Art! A Yo Gabba Gabba Gallery Show. One of which features a favorite human being of mine!
Mark's Magic Picture Friends:

Brobee & Foofa Cellular Proliferation:

So many AMAZING people are in this YGG show so definitely come down to Hollywood Friday night and check it out! Info here...

Here's my digital contribution to Autumn Society's Shell Shock show in Philadelphia, if you're in the area you should go and tell me about it!

Also! Made a Channel 101 pilot that did screen last Saturday called Gigglers! Check it out:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Common Mallow & Drive-Thru Confessions

Here is my piece for the upcoming Girls Drawin Girls book! We all had to choose a plant of some kind to inspire us, I chose the simple Common Mallow.

I never posted this, but here is a pilot Nico made that I helped out on for Channel 101, enjoy!'s a Garbage Pail Kids style birthday card I made!

And hey! I'm in an art show for YO GABBA GABBA at Meltdown in Hollywood next week with some super cool people! CHECK IT OUT YO!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Everything: Maude Macher Comes To Life

I was asked to do a segment for Channel 101's show Everything, and here is my contribution! It is starring my character Maude Macher. Here are the full credits:
Animation: David Gemmill, Kali Fontecchio
Background: Chris Whittier
Live Action Footage: Zach Zdziebko
Clean-Up/Inking: Kali Fontecchio
Coloring: Myke Chilian, Tommy Meehan, Kali Fontecchio
Special Effects: Jack Cusumano, Matt Danner
Editing: Nico Colaleo

Additional help from Stuart Livingston and Danny Jelinek

Thanks again to Jason Whetzell and Danny Jelinek for inviting me to contribute to their famous Channel 101 show (longest running show in 101 history too!) Here is the episode in its entirety:

The influences of this piece were Out of the Inkwell by Max Fleischer, and Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones. All my friends who worked on this helped make this a fun piece, without them it literally wouldn't exist.

If anyone was wondering the technical aspect here was my pipeline: thumbnail storyboards drawn on paper, rough animation drawn in Flash, every frame uniquely inked in Photoshop (to avoid that dead look of Flash and Illustrator). Colored in Photoshop, and edited in Final Cut. Special effects were crafted in After Effects, and the background was painted in Photoshop. The live action footage was shot with an HD Canon camera.

PS: all my roommates and I have a small cameo in this month's episode of Googy! And you might recognize the wolf boy too....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April May

I am currently working on something very exciting and will be able to show you all the first week of May- YAY!!!

In the meantime here are a couple of doodly doodly doos, doodle doodle do, doodly doodly doos, doodle doodle do.

In the meantime, keep yer pants on, and stay clean.
Oh ya! Don't forget to buy something and I'll send you a SHIT TON of freebies. I just got even more new stuff to give away so HUZZAH!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Please Vote For My Shirt!

If I get enough votes this will turn into an ACTUAL SHIRT!! It is chock full of eye balls and will be an all over print.
PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VOTE FOR MY SHIRT! And don't worry you can log in with your Facebook account to vote if you don't want to sign up for a Threadless account. ^_^

It is up for voting for the next 7 days! :D :D :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Googy Cartoon And YO Gabba Gabba Comics

Myke Chilian and I made this short cartoon for the Channel 101 show Googy! It's a Pee Herman style kid's show, so we decided to make a 30s-esque cartoon. Both of us have day jobs so we worked on it at night. We wrote and recorded the song too. Here's the cartoon by itself:

Here's my early 30s style title card for the cartoon:

Here is the whole show, Googy Episode 3! Definitely check out the other episodes too! For those of you unfamiliar with Channel 101 rules, no show can exceed 5 minutes :p

Googy Ep.3 from mike manasewitsch on Vimeo.

Here we are as squirrels <3


A 5 page comic I wrote, drew and colored is in the newly released Yo Gabba Gabba Comic Book Time Anthology!!!

Buy it on Amazon! Or goto your local comic book store! LOTS of amazing artists in it, including friends Becky of Tigerbuttah, and Julia Vickerman!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Bust-A-Move

Wow!! I haven't posted in a long while! Shame on me! SHAME! But hey, it's Nico's birthday, that calls for a blog post, HUZZAH! Here are a few of Nico's favorite animated ladies:

Speaking of birthdays, here's one for good ol' Stu Livingston! Things have been so busy, haven't been able to give it to him until the other day. CRAZY!

Lo and behold another new roomie! I am nesting in her lovely red locks. You guys know Tara Billinger, right?

For a more intimate, rather random and up to date look into my happenings check out my Tumbly Wumbly, which I have had secretly (until right now I suppose) for over a year! (Nico made one last year, so I did too, monkey pee and monkey poo).

I have a couple of new freebies on my Etsy, so check it out!

UPDATE!!! Donated this piece to Q Pop's Japan Fundraiser Auction! It is $100 and 100% of it will goto the Red Cross:
Sad Cream