Monday, January 31, 2011

McBusters Finale

The awesome Myke Chilian created this must see trilogy called McBusters for Channel 101. The finale is epic, and I must share it with you guys! He asked me to contribute, so I did! I also invited pals Nico Colaleo, and Bryan Newton to join in on the action. Eric Bauza has been doing voices since the first episode!

There is an awesome recreation of the ABC Saturday morning "after these messages" and then a commercial break during the cartoon. Upon return I created this title card in my style per request of Myke.

My caricature of the original Ghostbusters cast.

I drew a few of scenes throughout the short, and here is one where there is a sequence of 3D backgrounds by Andrew DeLange.

Below was combo effort, drawn by Myke digitally, and then printed out so I could color it with markers.

Myke's crew caricatured in the film- you might reconize a couple!

Also check out this post about the Q Pop opening in Little Tokyo by my friend Chubby Bunny!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Q Pop Is Qute!

Q??? I'm in an art show this Saturday at Q Pop in Little Tokyo (Downtown LA) ! Come check it out! There are some amazing people in this show, I'm pretty excited to see!

Here's my contribution, a cel painting on a slab of log! I love logs.

I also pitched in and helped mega-talent Myke Chilian on his final installment of McBusters! Once the show premieres this Saturday night, also in Downtown LA, I will do a big post with all my art from the show, so check back soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knock Boots Until The End

Devo is stuck my head WHAT THE HELL ELSE IS NEW?
My mom gets to have the coolest birthday today, that's what's new! And why? Because it is...

Random sketches from the past few months.

Jack Cusumano recently joined our ragtag gang o' qwazies, and we took on Godzilla and subjugated a small Japanese city.

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