Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Common Mallow & Drive-Thru Confessions

Here is my piece for the upcoming Girls Drawin Girls book! We all had to choose a plant of some kind to inspire us, I chose the simple Common Mallow.

I never posted this, but here is a pilot Nico made that I helped out on for Channel 101, enjoy!

Also...here's a Garbage Pail Kids style birthday card I made!

And hey! I'm in an art show for YO GABBA GABBA at Meltdown in Hollywood next week with some super cool people! CHECK IT OUT YO!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Everything: Maude Macher Comes To Life

I was asked to do a segment for Channel 101's show Everything, and here is my contribution! It is starring my character Maude Macher. Here are the full credits:
Animation: David Gemmill, Kali Fontecchio
Background: Chris Whittier
Live Action Footage: Zach Zdziebko
Clean-Up/Inking: Kali Fontecchio
Coloring: Myke Chilian, Tommy Meehan, Kali Fontecchio
Special Effects: Jack Cusumano, Matt Danner
Editing: Nico Colaleo

Additional help from Stuart Livingston and Danny Jelinek

Thanks again to Jason Whetzell and Danny Jelinek for inviting me to contribute to their famous Channel 101 show (longest running show in 101 history too!) Here is the episode in its entirety:

The influences of this piece were Out of the Inkwell by Max Fleischer, and Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones. All my friends who worked on this helped make this a fun piece, without them it literally wouldn't exist.

If anyone was wondering the technical aspect here was my pipeline: thumbnail storyboards drawn on paper, rough animation drawn in Flash, every frame uniquely inked in Photoshop (to avoid that dead look of Flash and Illustrator). Colored in Photoshop, and edited in Final Cut. Special effects were crafted in After Effects, and the background was painted in Photoshop. The live action footage was shot with an HD Canon camera.

PS: all my roommates and I have a small cameo in this month's episode of Googy! And you might recognize the wolf boy too....