Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Looney Larry Sanders Show

Here's a piece I can show you- I have so many more and projects I'm working on- but they're not for your eyes to see! I'm sorry! Y_Y

Also going through a MAJOR Doctor Who obsession, and Jack Cusumano who is also a Who fan, I couldn't resist drawing him for his birthday!

I watched this whole show from the 90s a few months ago, and it's amazing, especially Artie played by Rip Torn. He's the one on the right, the whole show is about assholes, with the exception of Artie who is not an asshole. So good, check it out!

Here are some board revisions I did in '09 for The Looney Tunes Show. I didn't save much for some reason- but here are some (it's so hard to look at old stuff!) At that point I still felt comfortable with pencil compared to the cintiq, so that's why they're all on post-its, haha. In retrospect, that was awful for my wrist, drawing so tiny. The board artists on these are Bob McKnight, Ryan Green, and Jim Smith...I think I'm missing one but I can't remember... enjoy: