Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Breakfast At Epiphanies

This year's theme RETARDED BLOG TITLES GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A gift I made for my pal Tommy Meehan of The Manx, Razzle Blaster, Chum Out and as featured below The Brockly Tacos! He is producing my DEBUT album coming out soon on cd on Sweatband Records!

I did this piece a while back for the newest episode of Grandma's Virginity Podcast! Check it out here! Featuring Justin Roiland of Fish Hooks fame! Also the lovely Jackie Buscarino, and Ryan Ridley!

A burlesque lady!

Here's a new print that you can go grab on my Etsy store - also featured in Womanthology! A collective book of women's comics and illustration. And oh man, I've been sitting on some Maude comics for over a year now. Hopefully someday I can put them up.

Below are a bunch of random freebies that come with every LOVING purchase!

Here is a photo of The Manx! On their forthcoming album, I recorded a cover of a Dillards song with them!!! I'M PRETTY EXCITED!!! They are all on my album coming out soon too. SO MUCH MUSIC LOVE HAPPENING LATELY!!! It'll be for sale online too- weeeeeeeee!


Pedro Vargas said...

Oh, man! These are really incredible, Kali. I love 'em all! I love how you create all these fun textures and colors. Love the shapes. I really love how you did the lettering on the first one. These are so fun!

Stu Livingston said...

lego man!!