Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts & Flowers & Candy & Sparkly Pink Day!

Hope you have a great day today no matter what you're doing (everyday for that matter ;) !!!

Went to the best wedding last weekend and watched Kate Freund and Rob Schrab tie the knot! Myke and I animated a small segment for their wedding with a song I helped Rob write for Kate! I'll post it once it's up online...

Here's a picture I made for the AMAZING Brent Engstrom, Garbage Pail Kids extraordinaire!

Here's a piece that is partially animated (not here) for the new Channel 101 intro sequence! Goto the screening to see it MOOOOVE! It's of the hosts/creators Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon!

A screengrab from the animated short for Kate: her parents and her!