Friday, July 20, 2012

My Attempt To Post More Regularly...

...begins now!
A belated birthday card for the talented Kate Freund!! Those are all her creations she sewed that are dancing with her!

I love Rob Schrab's Drywall & Mess! They are singing "Wooden Leg" from Twigger's Holiday!
Some catwoman doodles from Comic Con- There was a cos-player posing in front of our booth for a while.
Rob took a shot of me drawing the above drawing- HOW META.

The SUPER TALENTED Paul Rudish drew Tara Billinger and I doodling in a meeting.

Myke Chilian was in a Wii Universe commercial! This is important.

I have a bunch of stuff up on my Etsy right now- and I'll be posting more soon! Including originals!

I sold out of Dan Harmon portrait prints- but I do have the original that I'll be posting soon! IT'S ON GLITTER PAPER, because I like glitter.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SDCC 2012!!!

Hey! I'll be at Comic Con this year! Rob Schrab, the creator of the FANTASTIC Scud: The Disposable Assassin, is graciously letting me sit at his booth with him at Image Comics! Come stop by, grab a copy of his book, and maybe a print or two? Maybe???? I'll doodle too. Doodly doodly doo!  Also Myke Chilian of McBusters fame will be there selling Manx cd's (I'm on one song!!!)

Here are my pieces from the amazing Community Art Show- everyone who did art for that show was crazy talented, and it was so fun to participate in a show where everyone had the same love and admiration for Dan Harmon's show. I have prints available on my Etsy of all of these! 







Here is a piece I did recently for Qpop's Black and White show in Little Tokyo. Go down there and check out all the amazing ink and pen pieces- they're quite stunning!

 And the obligatory doodle zone..... I rarely scan doodles anymore unless I'm using them for something.


Check out my tumblr too when you can! It's always more up to date....

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know to look for you at San Diego Comic Con if you're going!!!