Friday, July 20, 2012

My Attempt To Post More Regularly...

...begins now!
A belated birthday card for the talented Kate Freund!! Those are all her creations she sewed that are dancing with her!

I love Rob Schrab's Drywall & Mess! They are singing "Wooden Leg" from Twigger's Holiday!
Some catwoman doodles from Comic Con- There was a cos-player posing in front of our booth for a while.
Rob took a shot of me drawing the above drawing- HOW META.

The SUPER TALENTED Paul Rudish drew Tara Billinger and I doodling in a meeting.

Myke Chilian was in a Wii Universe commercial! This is important.

I have a bunch of stuff up on my Etsy right now- and I'll be posting more soon! Including originals!

I sold out of Dan Harmon portrait prints- but I do have the original that I'll be posting soon! IT'S ON GLITTER PAPER, because I like glitter.


Monica Grue said...

You're so good!!

David Germain said...

I'm definitely not confident enough to draw things right in front of people at a convention. Kudos to you for being talented and brave.