Monday, September 17, 2012

Spikes 'n' Leopard

Check out the Tokusatsu art show at Qpop in Little Tokyo! There are tons of amazing pieces to see!
Punk Robocon! Buy this piece here on the Qpop site:
More animal print- which is weird because I used to not like it at all.
Sweater time is the best time.
Never thought it'd come to this, but here we are.
Some marker doodles inspired by leopard print stuff in a magazine.

Myke and I get into the Ultraman spirit!

A doodle I did of friends Kelsy and Julia!
A nudie meeting doodle.
Myke Chilian made this of ME!! I love it!
Highlighter doodle! I tend to give these away when you buy something from my Etsy store...
A birthday present I made for Jack and his girlfriend Teri!


Salomon Fenix said...

very great your paint of Q-Pop :)

Sandra Rivas said...

Wooww!! I can't get over how you color traditionally! These are all such eye candy!

Beautiful work, Kali, as always!~

Kali Fontecchio said...

Thanks :D