Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kali Kazoo Debut Album Out NOW!

So it's official, I'm slowly going through mailing out the Kickstarter packages then I will get to the orders on bandcamp. But it's HERE, it's HAPPENING! You can even pick it up at Amoeba in Hollywood! How crazy is that???

Here's the link to download or buy a vinyl or cd:

Here are some photos:
The vinyl has actual GOLD foil on it! Pretty fancy. Even comes with a download code inside!

At my record release 8/16 at High Fidelity LA, it was a blast!

Last month at the Karen Winters show in Hollywood!

Look at my crazy fans! From left to right: Alex Hirsch, Justin Roiland and Martin Olson (a.k.a. the kings of television).

The cd is minty and mimics the vinyl as a gatefold!
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Sara (Perry) said...

Looks great! c: