Monday, January 27, 2014


Art dumples! WOO ART!

Happy 20th Anniversary Scud! My friend Rob Schrab's AWESOME comic!

Also check out my cover I did for Bravest Warriors!

I got into making these girl cards; I was thinking of maybe making an art book with stuff like this:

Mixed with these pretty flowers I took a photo of earlier in the year.


Sam Artypants said...

GAAAADDD I love your work!

Sam Artypants said...

GAAAAAAD! I love your work!!! gimme your skill. gimme gimme.

David Germain said...

I love those mutilated girl pictures. They're actually more sensual and fun rather than simply gruesome. Ironically, I think my work achieves the opposite results. :P

Very nice indeed!

Ollie said...

Great stuff Kali! you make it look so easy.